Oceanfront, Waterfront Land for Sale, Beachfront Lots Nova Scotia

Rockcliffe By-the-Sea offers a unique community of year-round oceanfront and ocean view properties along the shores of the Bay of Fundy.

Natural terracing of the land gives each wooded lot both privacy and spectacular ocean views. Large (2-3 acres) lots range from 50 to 350 feet above sea level.

Beach access, trails, protective covenants, private roads, and a homeowners’ association ensure that Rockcliffe will always retain its natural beauty in the heart of Nova Scotia.


In a world of continuous change, the permanence of history and nature can provide a comforting anchor. Along the Parrsboro Shore in Nova Scotia, Canada, you can find a peaceful calm married with the spectacular. Located in a land of geological extremes, our lots border the Bay of Fundy. This is the land where fossil hunters discover traces of the world’s smallest dinosaurs, rockhounds find stunning examples of amethyst, agate, jasper, and quartz, all while the world’s highest tides come and go each day.

It’s also a land of myth and mystery. Legends tell of the Mi’kmaq god Glooscap creating the offshore islands and controlling the mighty Fundy tides.

Twice daily, 100 billion tonnes of water sweep in and out of the Bay, scouring fantastic shapes in the land and providing feeding grounds for an amazing range of birds, fish, and marine mammals. Watch from your oceanfront and ocean view property as sea, land, and sky supply an ever-changing panorama.