Treasures on the Beach

Last weekend was beautiful for a walk on the beach with the grandchildren. Seeing things you are used to through the eyes of a child is always an educational experience but on the beach it is wonderful. Here is a fossilized section of mudflat showing wave ripples (plus a couple of pretty rocks for good measure).

Feathered Friends

Although the sun is not shining as much as one would like we had some new visitors a few days ago in the form of a pair of Gross-beaks. Though not uncommon in the area they were the first we had seen at our feeder. We were also inundated with blue jays one day when I counted 18 all trying to get a bite to eat at one time. This only happened once and I have no idea what caused the sudden influx or where they disappeared to. The interest in the feeder is waning as the natural food supply increases.

Tremendous Light Show

How lucky we are. The storm that created devastation and killed four people in Mass. only provided us with a spectacular light show.

Thursday night continuous heat and chain lightning flashed for several hours out over the Bay providing an incredible display of raw energy and making it difficult to turn away for fear of missing the next episode. I noted strike after strike in one certain location. The light of day revealed that the location appeared to be the tip of Cape Blomidon. I wonder what it was like there?

New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution was to start the Rockcliffe Blog as a way for the widely distributed owners of Rockcliffe to keep up to date. As the first day of summer is rapidly approaching it is just about time to get started.

We had a great Winter here with lots of snow, excellent crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing and not too much of the icy roads which can make life a little too exciting.
For the downhill skiers the Canada Winter Games were at Wentworth just an hour away and the snow conditions were the best I’ve ever seen. In fact the spring skiing the end of March was the best I’ve seen anywhere. Not corn snow but just tons of good soft snow. I hated to see the season end.