Hello World

Welcome to the new Rockcliffe By-the-Sea Blog.

We hope that this blog will help keep current residents up-to date with current events in our community, create an archive filled with the stories of our lives complete with pictures which we can look back upon, and give visitors a glimpse into the beautiful life: the dynamically changing landscape of our little piece of heaven which we call home.

Rockcliffe By-the-Sea’s scenery changes with the seasons: rich greens of the Spring and Summer fade into a multicoloured explosion of deep reds, yellows, oranges and browns during the Autumn, slip into the icy white of the Winter, and thaw back into the greens of Spring. The mighty tides of the Bay of Fundy compliment the ever-changing scenery with their twice daily journey, moving 100 billion tonnes of water in and out of the bay.

Join us in the journey of the seasons and the tides through our stories, pictures and the live webcam. We hope you enjoy the beauty of what we call everyday life.

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