Pack ice in the Bay

rockcliffe_Pack Ice 20180113-174420_nU3iOHgE3Dw1FpzhAll the ice in the Bay was blown over to our side yesterday. Unfortunately the onshore wind made it like standing in front of an open deep freeze. While it was a fantastic +17 in Parrsboro it was only +10 at Rockcliffe. Oops, I shouldn’t complain about +10 in the middle of January.

New Web Cam

Check out the new web cam. Much better definition, 2 sec update, 24 hour replay, watch the tides go in and out and the fog and sun play over the Two Islands. At the moment you can only get the 24h replay on the Nova Scotia Web Cams site. Click below and pick the 24h replay tab in the upper left hand corner. At the bottom choose your time interval from 2 min to 1 hour.

Glooscap Looses Face

This past
winter will be remembered by those Rockcliffe residents who frequent the popular picnic spot at the mouth of the Moose River as the year that we lost Glooscap. For those not steeped in local folklore Glooscap was a Mi’kmaq god. There are many stories about him but I will have to check my sources before I start on them in a public forum. He was supposed to end up on Blomidon but my wife was always convinced that this profile, shown in the picture to the immediate left, was Glooscap right to the feathered topknot. Unfortunately as you can see in the lower picture, last winter’s storms got the better of him and Glooscap is no more.